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Industrial Control Panel Assembly

We provide plug-and-play industrial control panels based on your individual project specifications. Sourcing and building all components for your control panel assemblies including metal fabrication, injection molding, wiring harnesses, PCB's, LCD displays, buttons, switches, and lighting allows us to streamline the assembly process and improve manufacture-ability, ease of assembly and reduce cost. Our dedicated test engineers enable us to develop custom tests to ensure 100% quality testing is done on every piece we ship.


System Build

We provide customers with box build and rack mount assembly capabilities. We offer any level of assembly from complex turn-key products to simple PCB enclosures. Our production lines specialize in manufacturing all system components on site to ensure the highest quality and industry standards. We have produced system assemblies for many different industries including industrial, transportation, scientific, telecommunications, and military.

Final product assembly

We offer final product assembly at any level of complexity. We will be your partner in the production of your product and we are dedicated to making sure it is done right from the beginning. Whether we procure the material from our vendors or it is supplied by the customer, we will always look for more efficient and cost effective production processes. Our flexible production lines allow us to adapt quickly to your changing requirements and work with you to deliver a product within your specifications. By delivering a ready to ship product we allow you to streamline your assembly process and get products to market faster.

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