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We have been delivering the highest quality printed circuit board assemblies for over two decades. Our experience combined with that of our sister company, Marco Board House, Inc, allows us to produce printed circuit boards that meet even the most challenging requirements. Our continued investment in top of the line equipment, training, and process management gives us the confidence to stand behind the PCB assemblies we manufacture. All PCB's are subjected to inspection, circuit and functional testing, as well as any other custom testing requirements you may have.


Surface Mount Technology

Our medium to high volume SMT production line consists of a pick and place machine, a 7 zone reflow oven for lead or lead-free reflow soldering, and automated optical inspection. We are capable of placing any components including:

  • Fine pitch components

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)

  • Quad Flat Package (QFP)

  • Chip Scale Package (CSP)

  • Flip chip – Pin Grid Array (PGA)

  • 0201 and other small components


Through Hole and Mixed Technology

Our through-hole production line is capable of semi-automatic and manual placement of any component. We offer both lead and lead-free wave solder to meet RoHS and mil spec standards. Specialized hand soldering and selective solder equipment allows for complex secondary side component placement. We are equipped with the following:

  • Cut & clinch semi-automated insertion machines

  • Lead forming equipment

  • Leaded and lead free wave solder

  • Fully automated selective solder equipment

We also offer conformal coating and epoxy or silicone potting to ensure durability and longevity.

All manufacturing of PCB assemblies is done by our sister company Marco Board House, Inc. Check out their website here:

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